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Information for Participants

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Registration Desk

On Monday, the registration desk will be at the Reception Foyer, Hall B, 14:00 - 19:00. From Tuesday through Friday, the registration desk will be at the counter next to AV Center during the sessions.

Get together Party

The Welcome Party will be held at the Reception Foyer Hall B on Monday the 7th from 19:00-21:00.

Conference Hall

We have changed the conference hall because we have more participants and presentations than expected.

Oral Presentations

The oral sessions will be held at "Main Hall" on the 2nd floor of the Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center.

Poster Presentation

The poster session will be held in the corridor connecting the International Conference Center with the AWAJI Westin hotel.

Network System

Internet connections by Wireless LAN are available in the conference hall, lobby or foyers on each floor of the International conference center.

Meal Coupon

Discount coupons will be provided to conference participants in order to offset the cost of meals at restaurants within the hotel complex. The tickets are free and will be handed out on registration. Coupons are dated and are only valid for the specified date and time. Present the coupon when you order. Costs in excess of the coupon values should be covered personality and the balance is not refundable. (only one coupon per person per meal)

For Lunch 1,000yen/For Dinner 2,000yen
8th Tuesday Lunch
8th Tuesday Dinner
9th Wednesday Lunch
11th Friday Lunch

Coupons are not provided for dinner on the 9th (Banquet) and the lunch and dinner on the 10th (excursion). For the lunch of excursion, lunch box will be provided in the bus. For the dinner around Himeji City, you have a lot of choices for Dinner. Please pay your own meal expenses. Dinner rates are between
800yen and 1500yen.

Restaurants and a cafe in the Yumebutai offer various dining options to suit your taste within easy walking distance of the conference center.

For Vegetarians

Vegetarian menus are available at restaurants in the Yumebutai. For the lunch of excursion, we will provide sandwiches - vegetable potato, cheese , fruit, and jam.)
Please let us know if you would like to have a vegetarian lunch box until 1st May. If you can not eat dairy products, please tell us and we will remove the cheese.

Presentation Data

We would like to ask you to submit your presentation data for Proceedings of IXS2007. Proceedings will be provided by CD-R or via the website.

For Oral presentations, all presenters are requested to submit your presentation data after deleting sensitive parts if necessary.

For Poster presentations, only presenters who would like to put the poster presentation in the proceedings. Submit the data at the registration desk via CD-R or USB.

Hotel Reservation

If you have not completed Hotel reservation, please contact a.s.a.p.
Online Hotel reservation has been already closed.


If you are a guest of the AWAJI Westin hotel, wireless LAN is available at the 2F Lobby and Moe gallery(10:00-19:00) on 2nd floor. Please ask to hotel staff for more information.
For guest rooms on 4th floor, you can connect to Internet with a LAN cable. For guest rooms on its 5th through 10th floors, you need a modem to connect to Internet. The numbers of modems is limited so please ask to the front desk when you check in.

For guest of Hotel Ebisu, you can connect to Internet at the cafeteria on 1st floor by wireless LAN. Internet connections are not available in guest rooms.

Currency exchange

We recommend that you exchange money at the airport because you need a car to get the nearest bank. If you are a guest of the AWAJI Westin hotel, you can
exchange money at the front desk. Available only exchange dollars to Yen.

Emergency contact

For travelers from abroad, please use the following emergency contact number:



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